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Tamas Wells has written extensively on Southeast Asian politics and the role of civil society and international aid. He is an academic at the University of Melbourne.

See his full list of publications here

His first book Narrating Democracy in Myanmar (Amsterdam University Press) was released in May 2021 and explores contested meanings of democracy amongst activists, democratic leaders and international aid workers in Myanmar,

His work has also been published in a range of leading journals including Democratization, Journal of Contemporary Asia, Third World Quarterly, Urban Studies, Public Management Review, and Asian Journal of Political Science.

Before entering academia he lived and worked in Myanmar for seven years. During this time he worked on public health and governance programs for several NGOs.

"Through a new perspective, Narrating Democracy in Myanmar sheds new light on the diverse narratives of the post-coup democracy in Myanmar. The author’s arguments make it a timely and valuable read for scholars interested in the dynamics of democracy in post-coup Myanmar. This book deserves to be read by a wide scholarly community."
- Kai Chen, Asian Studies Review, May 2022

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